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Our Honeymoon on Film: London+Amsterdam

We rounded out the last bit of our honeymoon by visiting one of my best friends in London and hopping over to Amsterdam to stay in the coolest Airbnb we've ever encountered. It was right in the center of the city and had an indoor hammock that I spent hours in reading while Taylor slept in the mornings. In Amsterdam we wandered the gorgeous canals, went to museums, danced at a music festival and silent disco, and ate top-notch food at diverse restaurants around town (salads, juice bars, and wraps were my go-to after all of the carbs in Italy but I'd be lying if I said I laid off the beer and apple pie.) On our last day, we got a couple's massage and ate dinner inside a castle. We loved how walkable the city is and can't wait to come back one day! Also, Amsterdam is Nutella-crazy (just like myself) so I felt pretty at home here.

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Our Honeymoon on Film: Amalfi Coast

After our days in France, we planed-traned-and-automobiled(and ferried!) our way to the island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast in Italy where we spent a couple days taking lots of photos, swimming into magical grottoes, and starting what would be about a 10-day binge on buffalo mozzerella, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, pasta, prosecco, Peronis, and espresso. We had an amazing private boat tour around the island (highly recommend it) and then ferried over to what would be our favorite spot of our honeymoon: Positano! Such an incredibly breathtaking cliffside city with plenty of fun restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and lots and lots of stairs! We spent a few more days in the city of Amalfi. We swam a lot, rented a boat, Taylor jumped off a super high cliff, and we made some amazing meals from our fresh finds at the market.

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Our Honeymoon on Film: Cote d'Azur

After Paris, we hopped on a flight to Nice where we spent 3 wonderful days on the pebbled beaches, frequenting a jazz club and a hookah bar, hiking up to a castle, watching the Euro cup madness, staying in a charming Airbnb in the center of Veille Ville (old town) and drinking a lot more coffee! We then took the train to Cannes for two nights to wander the narrow streets of the old town on hit some happy hours. Next, we spent one night in Monaco Monte-Carlo before jetting off to Italy (the last shot is a double exposure of a building in Monaco and the sunset from our Airbnb on our first day in Capri.) Here are the film photos we took on the Cote d'Azur, the lovely French Riviera.

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Our Honeymoon on Film: Paris

We took a month off after our wedding to backpack around Europe and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made! About half of my bag was taken up by my Contax 645 and a crapload of film and when I got these scans back from the lab, I knew it was TOTALLY worth it! Our first stop was Paris for 6 days. We took a pastry making class, drank lots of coffee, went to a concert, took time to laze around our Airbnb, had an outrageously delicious speculoos eclair from PainPain in Montmartre, and cooked fresh meals from our booty from the markets. We love Paris, the city breathes creativity and one day we hope to own an apartment there!

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