Our Honeymoon on Film: Amalfi Coast

After our days in France, we planed-traned-and-automobiled(and ferried!) our way to the island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast in Italy where we spent a couple days taking lots of photos, swimming into magical grottoes, and starting what would be about a 10-day binge on buffalo mozzerella, prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, pasta, prosecco, Peronis, and espresso. We had an amazing private boat tour around the island (highly recommend it) and then ferried over to what would be our favorite spot of our honeymoon: Positano! Such an incredibly breathtaking cliffside city with plenty of fun restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and lots and lots of stairs! We spent a few more days in the city of Amalfi. We swam a lot, rented a boat, Taylor jumped off a super high cliff, and we made some amazing meals from our fresh finds at the market. All shots below were taken on the Contax645, mostly Fuji400, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.