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Our Honeymoon on Film: London+Amsterdam

We rounded out the last bit of our honeymoon by visiting one of my best friends in London and hopping over to Amsterdam to stay in the coolest Airbnb we've ever encountered. It was right in the center of the city and had an indoor hammock that I spent hours in reading while Taylor slept in the mornings. In Amsterdam we wandered the gorgeous canals, went to museums, danced at a music festival and silent disco, and ate top-notch food at diverse restaurants around town (salads, juice bars, and wraps were my go-to after all of the carbs in Italy but I'd be lying if I said I laid off the beer and apple pie.) On our last day, we got a couple's massage and ate dinner inside a castle. We loved how walkable the city is and can't wait to come back one day! Also, Amsterdam is Nutella-crazy (just like myself) so I felt pretty at home here.

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