Adam+Hayley // Elopement in Lake Como, Italy

Oh I have so much to say about this wedding day…first off, Hayley and I connected across the country through the wonderful world of Instagram probably about 6 or 7 years ago and first met in person when she was visiting LA from Maryland and agreed to be a model for a bridal inspiration shoot that I was doing. So all these years later when she got engaged, she asked me to shoot her wedding and I was elated! You can’t imagine my excitement when the email subject line read “August 12, 2019 at Lake Como, Italy!” I was just a couple months away from having our second baby who would be 3 months old at the time of the wedding which I knew was going to be a challenge to attempt international travel with a toddler and a newborn (it was!) but I just knew I had to do it!! And I’m so glad that I did - it was soooo worth it!

Hayley and Adam eloped just the two of them at the Relais Villa Vittoria in Laglio (yes, right near George Clooney’s house) and it was such a sweet intimate day. I forgot to mention that Adam and Hayley are both deaf - their vows were just theirs, private. I couldn’t tell exactly what they were vowing to each other but I can attest to the love that transcends language. They were overjoyed and I’m honored to have witnessed and captured their special day!

Chloe MooreComment