Reeve // 3 Months Old

From Reeve herself ;-) "THREE MONTHS OLD TODAY!! I'm growing way too fast! Almost 16lbs and wearing size 3 diapers already. I'm a super busy baby doing sit-ups when dad holds my hands, bouncing in my jolly jumper, kicking and dancing around during yoga class and still fighting naps like a champ. The last couple of days I've started blowing spit bubbles back at mommy when she does it and singing along with her when she sings! Mom thinks I'm a genius for understanding that already... I just think it's hilarious to make farty noises with my lips and hear myself talk!

Reeve's boyfriend Greyson (they're only 26 hours apart and his mom+dad are two of our best friends!) stopped by to join in on the photoshoot! I mean, CAN YOU EVEN??? Don't worry, we've already arranged their marriage.

Chloe MooreComment