Reeve for President! The Future is Female!

When we first found out we were having a girl, it was in the midst of the heated 2016 election Trump v. Hilary. Not to get too political here (because I can get a little worked up over it!) but I was HEARTBROKEN when Trump won… simply knowing that our daughter was going to be born under a presidency that holds so little value in women’s rights felt….well… just gross. Whatever your political leanings are, I think most logical people can agree that we would prefer if the leader of our country didn’t walk around talking about grabbing women by they pu**y or objectifying women the way he does.

I feel that as mom to such a strong, smart, free-spirited little girl it’s my duty to show her that she can do anything she wants, that women can hold positions of power, that women can be be caring, loving and sensitive AND STILL also be smart, decisive, and powerful! The future is female. This chick will grow up knowing that if any man tries to tell her she can’t be all of those things that she wants to be she can turn around and say “A woman literally MADE you, so don’t underestimate women. I am going to do great things so get on board or get the hell out of my way” (and if she says this, I will not reprimand her for using foul language #sorrynotsorry)

When I decided I want to make Reeve the future POTUS for her Halloween costume and daddy and I would be her Secret Service agents, I really thought it would just be cute and fun for us so I searched Pinterest (as moms do) looking for inspiration. All of the costumes were little boys with a few Hilary Clinton’s thrown in here and there (mostly in a mocking way though) - so at that point I was on a mission!

Check out this passionate little Ms. President! Don’t let her overwhelming cuteness distract you from the real issues she’s here to discuss!

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