A Change of Direction

In the last 6 years, I've shot a TON of weddings. I'm so grateful that my wonderful clients have trusted me to capture their special days all over the country and the world. I wouldn't change those experiences for anything! After speaking with a close photographer friend (and getting a taste of the travel bug on our honeymoon), I realized that I need to find a new balance in my business. I've always been a believer that when your heart desires a little change, you shouldn't suppress the urge. After 7-day work weeks for the last three years, it's time that I reclaim some of my weekends. I'm going to start focusing more on family photography and lifestyle projects, shooting on weekdays, and the biggest change of all: I'm planning to be much more selective with the number of weddings that I accept in a year. I will be capping the number of weddings that I accept in 2017 from my typical 30 weddings down to 10-12 so that the weddings that I do take on get 3 times more of my focus and creative energy! I love ALL of you for your continuing support and I'm so excited to make this shift in my company!

Much love,